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Efficient turnkey business security systems

Create a safer, more secure workplace for management, employees and customers with Zedcor Security. We offer Edmonton commercial establishments in major industries turnkey security solutions that streamline your company’s operations and protocols while improving workplace safety and morale. Backed by experienced law enforcement officers and with industry-leading eco-friendly products, our approach will deliver total protection for the long-term, creating the workplace you need and deserve. Expect the best business security systems in Edmonton with our experts. 

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Enhance your security systems with our team

Your business and the umbrella that it covers, such as employees, products and operations, are your number one priority and most important assets. You, therefore, need optimized security systems to stop any breaches and potential threats that harm or negatively impact your assets. At Zedcor, our commercial security solutions and products solve any security concern. With the expertise of our former law enforcement officers, we’ll pinpoint the weaknesses within your security system and workplace, upgrading it with our advanced products and services, resulting in the elimination of costly, unsafe and unnecessary disruptions to your daily operations.

Adaptable solutions for all Canadian industries

Every major industry and company in Western Canada requires specialized and customized business security systems. We deliver the solution that caters to your business’s specific needs and requirements, enhancing your asset protection while securing personnel and the premise. We work with various companies to create and implement turnkey solutions that elevate your security standards. From autobody and automotive companies in Calgary to mining camps and pipeline facilities in rural Alberta, there is no company or industry that we can’t improve – making us Western Canada’s leading security team. 


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Mobile Surveillance

Quick to install, easy to use and delivering maximum protection, our MobileyeZ surveillance towers can instantly improve your large worksites and camps, providing a top-down view of all surroundings. Available in either solar or electrical hybrid fuel options, you can pick the option that best suits your energy requirements.

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Live Video Verification

Live video verification makes monitoring your business easier and more streamlined. Our experienced and analytic professionals will monitor multiple locations from our main command centre, fostering long-term relationships with law enforcement while sending immediate updates to emergency services if issues or situations arise.

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Fixed Surveillance

Our video surveillance system gives you widespread coverage of all major assets while providing round-the-clock monitoring to our security professionals, who will update you if a problem should occur. We use military-grade commercial security camera systems in Edmonton and highly experienced operators to provide you with a complete fixed surveillance solution.

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Security Guards

There is no substitute for having grounded personnel securing your business and its assets. We offer highly trained security guards who can utilize strategic monitoring and efficient deployment (based on the needs of your business) to monitor and secure your workplace. This level of detail makes us stand out from other Edmonton mobile security companies.

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Sensor Technology

Our advanced sensor technology provides your business with discrete, convenient and secure protection. Depending on your requirements, it can be easily moveable and will instantly alert our security guards if an issue arises. It also stores local data that can be utilized for future strategic planning and processes.

access control system

Access Control

We utilize the best modern technology to create an access control security solution that reduces intrusions while securing personnel. This high standard of security measures denies opportunistic criminals the chance to enter or exit your premises with ease, thereby guaranteeing the safety of your facilities, employees, products and assets.


Enhance workplace and lone worker safety

Support potential investigations with video evidence

Maximize your return on investment and reduce costs

Minimize potential risks, liability, and site downtime

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Prevent crime and catch assailants in real-time

Hold staff accountable for false invoicing and internal theft

Monitor site activity and liaise with local law enforcement

Ensure the safety of all on-site personnel and employees

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Step 1

Camera Alert

Activity alert is received at Zedcor monitoring centre
Step 2

Threat Assessment

Experienced operators analyze the alert video and escalate to supervisors if required.
Step 3

Loudspeaker Warning

During a trespassing or crime in progress event, our security personnel trigger loudspeaker warnings.
Step 4

Police / Security Dispatch

Site security and or law enforcement are immediately contacted with detailed location description and ongoing activity is continually live video monitored.




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Pioneers & Innovators in Security

There is no substitute for quality technology for your security. At Zedcor, we’re pioneers of state-of-the-art security technology that solves tomorrow’s problems today. We constantly strive to elevate our security systems, advancing the success and effectiveness of our client’s tailored solutions and promoting a cost-effective way to protect your most valuable assets. Experience the next generation of security solutions with us.

We honour partnerships with several indigenous entities

Positive and successful First Nations partnerships drive our company forward as we strive to find mutually beneficial ways of doing business in the rural areas of Western and Central Canada.