Our success stories

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With the integrity of the pipelines being questioned by the public and press, our number one goal at Trans Northern Pipelines is to put the safest highest quality product in the ground. Zedcor has not only met but exceeded our expectations... Zecor solar powered light towers and cameras in urban based areas have all but eliminated noise complaints during non working hours...
Mike S.
Pipeline Construction Manager
security companies Calgary
Zedcor Security is an integral part of our security program. The safety and securing of our worksite and our assets are of paramount importance to us. Zedcor inherently installs confidence, trust, and professionalism. Pushing the boundaries of surveillance, Zedcor incorporates the latest technology with seasoned law enforcement professionals to provide a complete approach to security that inevitably leads to peace of mind.
Jamie C.
Sr. Vice President of Land Development & Construction
security companies Calgary
We appreciate the quality service that Zedcor Security provides for our construction operations. They give us peace of mind and instill safety and security in our daily work activities.
Phillip H.
Construction Manager
security companies Calgary
Working with Zedcor has been easy, good and nice. They listen to our questions and provide good answers. We also really like their light towers and security cameras as the high level of technology is easy to see.
Jim G.
General Foreman


More than security breaches

Below are some examples of how Zedcor Security has helped our clients in interesting and unique ways. It isn’t always about preventing intrusion and criminals, as you can see from our success stories.  

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Unsecured Storage Container

Location: Commercial Construction


Activity: Security Incident – Storage container with valuable equipment was left open.


Response: Zedcor Security HQ observed an open and unattended tool storage container after work hours. HQ notified customer site contact and issue was resolved without property loss.

jobsite surveillance

Water Truck / Trailer Collision

Location: Pipeline HDD drill pad


Activity: Safety incident – Water truck backed into office shack. Driver and spotter provided conflicting statements. Video confirmed spotter guided truck in to trailer.


Response: Zedcor Security HQ reviewed video and worked with client to provide video. Client stated video was invaluable to resolve the incident.

jobsite surveillance

Gas Release From Wellhead

Location: Rig Watch – Drilling lease


Activity: Safety incident – Damaged gasket / seal on wellhead was releasing visible gas


Response: Zedcor Security HQ was alerted by motion alert set off by gas release. The operator was notified immediately and the client responded accordingly.