Our People

Security Starts with the Right Personnel

Even the most advanced security system in the world is bypassable with enough time, brainstorming and effort. Therefore, the best way to protect your business is with capable professionals who have the training and experience necessary to make snap judgements and leverage the technology available to them.

Our Operations Staff

Within our command centre are experienced and knowledgeable staff who participate in regular training to ensure they are ready and able to deal with any situation quickly, responsibly and with all of the tools available to them.

Our RCMP Veterans

Our staff are former law enforcement professionals who have experience dealing with dangerous and complex situations. This previous experience helps to inform all their decisions, and maintaining a high level of diligence and understanding remains critical for their long-term success. Accomplishing this task involves staying up-to-date with new trends and ensuring a consistent level of training for dynamic situations and repeatable events.