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Zedcor Security is the leading provider and installer of business security systems in Winnipeg. We offer businesses in major Canadian industries customized turnkey solutions that improve their security systems, safeguarding their personnel and operations. Our team consists of experienced and former law enforcement officers who utilize our industry-leading and eco-friendly products to your advantage. Upgrade your business’s security standards today by contacting Canada’s leading security experts.

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Let our team secure your workplace with advanced business security systems in Winnipeg

Our advanced commercial security systems provide businesses with premium surveillance and monitoring solutions that reduce potential security breaches while improving internal and external procedures. Our law enforcement experts lead these implementations, using their firsthand experience, technical knowledge, and proactive approaches to provide you with reliable, highly-secure and long-term solutions. We build trust and relationships with clients through our interactions and services, leading to beneficial results that transform your business.

Get customized solutions for your industry

Customizing business security systems to a commercial establishment’s personnel, complex, internal and external process and operations is part of our process – and success as security experts. We know that each major industry in Winnipeg, whether gas or oil, industrial manufacturing or retail, requires a specific security system that offers widespread coverage and elevates standards within the workplace. We can deliver the same high level of excellence for your business regardless of your industry or requirements. That’s why we’re the leading security experts in Winnipeg.


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Mobile Surveillance

We can provide your business with comprehensive coverage and security with our MobileyeZ surveillance towers. These electric or solar hybrid surveillance towers can illuminate worksites for improved visibility, can be moved to danger points and provide a top-down view of all surroundings and areas.

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Live Video Verification

Our live video verification system offers widespread coverage and a security blanket for your business. By installing these systems, we can monitor multiple locations all at once from our command centre and send officers if there is any attempt of unlawful entry on the premises, due to our relationship with law enforcement.

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Fixed Surveillance

As pioneers of advanced technology, we can install military-grade security cameras and commercial alarm systems to provide your business with fixed surveillance. We further support your business with our command centre team, who will monitor your workplace and act rapidly in an emergency.

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Security Guards

We employ security guards with previous experience in law enforcement before processing them through our comprehensive on-boarding and training. They offer an array of services, including gate control, GPS tracking, detailed shift reporting and working as a liaison with law enforcement services.

commercial building security

Sensor Technology

We use cutting-edge sensor technology to secure your worksite and operations. We can install these devices to any entry, door or application, instantly securing your business. We enhance this technology with real-time alerts. These devices are also discrete, convenient and easily movable as your needs change.

access control system

Access Control

Access control systems act as a deterrent while providing security simultaneously. With a gate and identification device, areas will be restricted to certain individuals, discouraging criminals from entering your premise. We utilize the highest standard of access control software and hardware devices.


Enhance workplace and lone worker safety

Support potential investigations with video evidence

Maximize your return on investment and reduce costs

Minimize potential risks, liability, and site downtime

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Prevent crime and catch assailants in real-time

Hold staff accountable for false invoicing and internal theft

Monitor site activity and liaise with local law enforcement

Ensure the safety of all on-site personnel and employees

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Step 1

Camera Alert

Activity alert is received at Zedcor monitoring centre
Step 2

Threat Assessment

Experienced operators analyze the alert video and escalate to supervisors if required.
Step 3

Loudspeaker Warning

During a trespassing or crime in progress event, our security personnel trigger loudspeaker warnings.
Step 4

Police / Security Dispatch

Site security and or law enforcement are immediately contacted with detailed location description and ongoing activity is continually live video monitored.




security companies Calgary

Pioneers & Innovators in Security

There is no substitute for quality technology for your security. At Zedcor, we’re pioneers of state-of-the-art security technology that solves tomorrow’s problems today. We constantly strive to elevate our security systems, advancing the success and effectiveness of our client’s tailored solutions and promoting a cost-effective way to protect your most valuable assets. Experience the next generation of security solutions with us.

We honour partnerships with several indigenous entities

Positive and successful First Nations partnerships drive our company forward as we strive to find mutually beneficial ways of doing business in the rural areas of Western and Central Canada.