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What Is A Security Plan & Why Is It Needed?

Your business needs protection. Whether this is as simple as paying for insurance or as complex as multiple guards patrolling a large site, the need for security remains. For many businesses, this may sound like additional work that they are not prepared to undertake. Still, the reality is that security systems can be fairly straightforward when you have the right information. 


For instance, hiring security guard services doesn’t have to mean employing your own personal security member. Instead, it is often much easier to use a professional security company that employs its own highly-trained security staff. So, how can you make your security plan just as simple? Consider the following. 


The Skinny on Security Plans


What is a security plan?

A security plan is a collection of procedures and documentation that outlines, explains and trains your staff in relevant security measures. This may be as simple as emergency response planning and training or as involved as classifying threats into different categories and developing a comprehensive strategy.


What is typically in a security plan?

Every security plan will have different requirements, depending on the location, industry, size and type of the business developing the plan. These requirements may include:

  • Inventory management of security devices
  • Emergency response planning and training
  • Ongoing maintenance for critical systems
  • Developing redundancies and backups in case of emergency
  • Patrol routing for security guard services and reporting infrastructure


Additionally, the steps involved in developing a marketing plan will often run along similar lines. While this order might not always be effective, the general steps include:

  1. Perform a risk assessment for every area of your business
  2. Develop strategies to address identified risks
  3. Implement strategies and monitor for effectiveness
  4. Change and update security procedures when conditions change

Why you need a security plan

Security plans are necessary to your business for a few reasons. As we mentioned above, every business will eventually develop a security plan to some extent, but many will take it a step further to make a more robust and effective plan. So, it may be worth asking what hazards you are potentially opening yourself up to by not developing a strong strategy from the start.

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However, security plans are also a great way to learn more about your business. In doing hazard assessments, you will likely find safety issues that could potentially harm workers. You will also clearly define each aspect of your business and identify the particulars of them, leading to more in-depth information. 


Where to Find Security Planning Services


If you are interested in developing a security plan or security guard services in general, contact us today. Our friendly and professional staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have!


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