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What Is The Best Security System For Businesses?

When it comes to business security systems, there is more variety than one might expect. Most people think of surveillance cameras and security guards, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. If your business is in need of an updated security system, we break down the best types of business security, regardless of your industry.

Best Business Security Systems

Mobile Surveillance

Modern business security systems are incredibly advanced. You can now protect your business or worksite with mobile, military-grade surveillance towers. Yes, you read that right. These towers light up job sites and survey the job site and its distant surroundings. Perfect for industries like construction that don’t have a fixed location, these mobile towers are simple to take down when it’s time to move to the next job.

Fixed Surveillance

For business security options in a permanent location, fixed video surveillance systems are still a popular and effective way to monitor your property. Not only are state-of-the-art security cameras able to record security footage to go back and catch a culprit, but they can also be monitored 24/7 to prevent issues before they even happen.

Sensor Technology

Perfect for remote construction sites and high-traffic commercial buildings, sensor technology will alert you of unusual activity in real-time. Four rare magnets are discreetly mounted to objects like storage containers, security doors and appliances. Sensor technology is a discrete and convenient method for protecting your assets.

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Security Guards

While there have been major technological advances in business security systems, security guards will always have an important role to play. You can hire highly trained and experienced security personnel to protect you, your employees, and your assets from harm.

Gate & Access Control

One of the most effective ways to protect your business is by keeping unauthorized personnel off of your premises with gate and access control systems. Not only can gates and identification devices physically keep criminals out, but they discourage criminals from even trying in the first place. Gate and access control systems are considered an essential part of a modern security system.

Different Business, Different Business Security Systems

While all businesses need security in one form or another, the specific security need will vary depending on the industry. Zedcor Security offers business security solutions for the following sectors:

  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Office, Commercial & Retail
  • Industrial, Manufacturing & Warehouses
  • Autobody & Automotive Dealerships

At Zedcor Security, we provide you with peace of mind with our business security systems and security guard services. As a mobile security company, we use a surveillance command center that offers 24/7/365 alert response and monitoring and two-way voice communications with remote sites, all managed by surveillance officers with law enforcement experience. Keep your property and your people safe by reaching out to the leading Calgary mobile security company. Contact Zedcor at or (403) 460-6216

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