Zedcor Security Operators Catch Criminals

In a previous article, Zecor Security discussed why business security systems are critical for business owners. We discussed the peace of mind and insurance benefits of live professional monitoring, as well as the added security these programs can offer. Still, for those who prefer practical examples, there is a better option. 

Recently, our security operators were involved in a security incident at one of our client’s facilities. Through their efforts, the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) was notified and able to apprehend the criminals before they could complete their crime. For a full description of the events, continue reading down below. 

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Live Professional Monitoring Stops Would-be Thieves

April 20, 2021

19:53 – Zedcor Security Operator TIANGSON observes a red Ford and Operator SWANNEY begins recording with the PTZ camera. SWANNEY observes the male looking around with binoculars.

19:55 – SWANNEY deploys the horn system on the camera tower and the red Ford moves to the back of the site.

20:00 – SWANNEY contacts client and confirms that there is no work activity expected in or around the bus depot.

20:03 – SWANNEY contacts EPS and dispatches them to the site. SWANNEY remains on the line with EPS dispatch providing live updates of all observed activity.

20:08 – Red Ford pulls up along the fence to the bus depot.

20:13 – Male two cuts the fence to the site.

20:16 – Male two enters the site, followed by male one.

20:19 – Male two is observed coming out from under one of the buses carrying a

large piece of metal. Male two stores the metal in the back of the Ford and renters the


20:26 – EPS arrives on-site and approaches the Red Ford. Female (in vehicle) is put in handcuffs.

20:28 – EPS K9 unit arrives on-site and enters the depot with another officer to find male one and male two.

20:31 – EPS puts both male one and male two in custody and escorts them out of

the depot.

20:41 – All individuals involved are put in police cruisers.

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As this example clearly shows, security services can be instrumental in preventing crime. Contact Zedcor Security today to learn more about live professional monitoring, business security systems and more. 

At Zedcor Security, we provide you with peace of mind with our business security systems and security guard services. As a mobile security company, we use a surveillance command center that offers 24/7/365 alert response and monitoring and two-way voice communications with remote sites, all managed by surveillance officers with law enforcement experience. Keep your property and your people safe by reaching out to the leading Calgary mobile security company. Contact Zedcor at or (403) 460-6216

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