In our increasingly digital age, the need to keep confidential information secure is paramount. Any modern security company has made cybersecurity a standard service that they provide. 

You see this through security services in cryptography. However, what exactly does it all entail? What can it do to ensure cybersecurity?

Read on for a full understanding of what security services in cryptography involve and see if this means of security is for you!

What is Cryptography?

Not to be mistaken for cryptocurrency! Cryptography is all about protecting your digital data. How does it do so? What cryptography does is that it focuses on transforming data into formats that unauthorized users like third-party sources cannot recognize. To paint a picture of what cryptography can do, it can encrypt a message where the letters are replaced with other characters instead. This way, it prevents any third party from knowing certain information and is kept secure. 

What Are the Security Services?

Many businesses need security services in cryptography to safeguard any data processing systems and information transfers by countering any cyber attacks. Depending on your businesses’ security needs, you may only need a few or more if they happen to overlap with one another. There are five security services with cryptography that promote cybersecurity in various ways. 

What Types of Security Services?

Authentication: To ensure you don’t have any unauthorized people seeing your business’s information, having authentication is a great way to ensure security by having someone prove they are who they claim to be. Additionally, it can have the source of received data verified as legitimate during any transfer of information. 

Data Confidentiality: Remember how cryptography can make encrypted messages into unintelligible characters? This security service does that! It helps keep data confidential by having select people know the real information while third-party sources would view it completely differently. 

Access Control: It’s easy to assume access control is the same as authorization. However, the key difference lies in the level of access. All information in a business needs to be known by everyone working there. In this case, access control gives more tier-based access to select people within your business. It does this while also being able to deter unauthorized users. 

Data Integrity: You can ensure whatever data received hasn’t been tampered with through data integrity. It does this by ensuring the data sent from another authorized person wasn’t modified after it was created, transmitted or stored. This security service is great for businesses that prefer a digital paper trail to uphold ethical operations. 

Non-Repudiation: Digital signatures are a good example of what non-repudiation does. For example, during online transactions, it ensures that a person cannot later deny sending information or the authenticity of its signature. To sum it up, it’s all about protection against any form of denial when communicating with another party. 

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